Star Crossed

“But I know when we do

It will be amazing.

When we do

You will explode.”

He said.

A poem of his own

From his lips onto mine

“Into a million pieces?”


Into the stars.

You’re right.

Something about you

Makes me so tender yet

So tenacious.

I have spent this year

Learning to keep myself held tight

Bottled together so no one can get through.

And I told you.

I told you I wanted to go slow

To be sure

That I haven’t gotten my hopes up

Haven’t let myself spill out

For someone who will love me

That same way

That every other man

Loves every other woman.

Lustfully, then left forgotten.


I’ve learned to keep these constellations constricted,

Waiting for the stargazer with the right set of eyes.

The one who discovers and honors

The worth in the light I hold.

I have learned how bright I shine.

I am no longer letting myself burnout

Over a reckless Prometheus

Who underestimated

The power of this goddess.


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